Many people remember the names of infamous killers such as Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Robert Pickton and even Mark Twitchell, however, very few remember the names of the victims of these depraved individuals, perhaps because most never live to tell their tale. In some cases, though, there are those who are fortunate enough to escape the clutches of madness.

This is my memoir captivating my true story about how I was looking for love online, but instead of romance, I find myself in a horror story. I get caught up in a deadly web of lies when instead of finding myself on a date with a beautiful blonde, I find myself in a fight for my life with a man wearing a hoodie and a hockey mask. I was Mark Twitchell's first intended victim, and I explore my personal experiences with the struggle, the highly publicized court case, the resulting media frenzy, and life as ‘The One Who Got Away’. My fast-paced, gripping memoir reads like a novel and includes the infamous SKConfessions, Twitchell’s diary about his “progression into becoming a serial killer”.

Two sample book excerpts:

1. Lying on the floor in that garage, I suddenly understood I had the advantage. I took a deep breath, and then I moved my arms, disobeying his orders. I ripped the tape off of my eyes, and I then stood up. I first mumbled, “I can’t do this”, then turned around to face him and then yelled, “SORRY, I CAN’T GO DOWN LIKE THIS!” with tears streaming down my face. I was now ready to fight for my life! The man got very angry and demanded that I get back down on the ground. He didn’t yet know that I had decided I would not be following his orders.

2. It was like peering out the side of your shower curtain, expecting to see Norman Bates in your bathroom. I wish my story had been where it had all ended, but there was a different, more gruesome conclusion to it all. There is much more to this story; I was act one, part one, and “the one who got away” according to several media outlets.