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'The One Who Got Away' is a remarkable personal account of the original intended target of convicted murderer, Mark Twitchell. On October 3 2008, computer company contractor Gilles Tetreault logged on to the dating website looking for companionship. There he met what he thought was a pretty young blonde named Sheena. Aspiring film maker Mark Twitchell lured Tetreault to a rented garage in south Edmonton by posing as a woman on an online dating site. Arriving for his 'date', Gilles was met and attacked by a man in a hockey mask. After a violent struggle, he escapes, but does not report the attack to police. One week later, Johnny Altinger is lured to the same address and attacked in the same way, only his life ends in what police believe is a ghastly case of life imitating art. Mark Twitchell, the man found guilty of Altinger's murder, was a fan of the hit T.V show 'Dexter', a sensationalized depiction of the life of a vigilante serial killer. In his short film 'House of Cards', Twitchell writes of a male killer luring a cheating husband on the pretense of a date with a woman, forcing personal information from him before stabbing and dismembering the man. During their investigation, homicide detectives seized a diary written by Twitchell that exactly matched the taped interviews Gilles gave to homicide detectives. As a result, they believe the highly publicized diary is an accurate representation of what actually happened to Mr. Altinger, in gruesome detail. This fast-paced, first-person, gripping memoir reads like a novel. Revealing details never before made public, Gilles recounts his personal journey of the assault, the highly publicized court case, the resulting media fallout, and life as 'The One Who Got Away'.

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